The collection


ShapeDress Collection by Christies à porter is once again an impeccable match of technical and stylistic content.

A Made in Italy that speaks of quality and refinedness with models enhancing the female shapes.

A day-time and night-time wardrobe for every occasion, depending on the models, yet always functional, comfy, easy-living and environmentally-friendly, where the flexible, light, sculpting and enveloping material - 72% polyamide and 28% Lycra - features invisible and strategically placed seams for a perfect and comfy fitting, capable of making the most and sculpting the shapes of those who wear it.

Highly shaping and slimming models  - thanks to the double fabric at the belly, waist, hips and legs and to the micro injections of glue - alternate with lighter and softer ones that do not relinquish their shaping effect.

 A Collection capable of adapting to the women’s shapes, while fully respecting a body that feels the need to move, guaranteeing freedom and expressiveness. The allure of the female silhouette is thus enhanced, just like the uniqueness residing in every woman.